What we’re made of

Rooted in

What we’re made of

Rooted in

Our Mission

To provide our clients and their advisors with expert advice and service, the same advice we would implement for ourselves under similar circumstances.

Our Firm

was founded in 1999 by H. Thomas Hollinger, one of the financial services industry’s most successful entrepreneurs. Tom Hollinger started his career in 1972 with the Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company. He was a perennial leader in both the company and the industry. Newton One continues to develop financial strategies in a broad spectrum for the needs of the ultra affluent and corporate marketplace.

We are privately owned and operated with a formal succession plan that will span multiple generations. We specialize in providing the following services:

  • Estate and Asset Protection Planning
  • Wealth Transfer and Philanthropy / Charitable Planning
  • Business Succession and Continuity Planning
  • Executive Benefit Plan Design and Consultation
  • Specialty Design of Large Case Life and Disability Insurance Policies

Nothing is as good as it seems, nothing is as bad as it seems. Yesterday is history. You can’t control the past, but we can affect the future.

H. Thomas Hollinger

What’s In Our Name

Newton One was derived by merging the name of one of the brightest minds in history with the founding of our country.

Sir Isaac Newton:

Immensely influential and his accomplishments in mathematics and physics laid the foundation of modern science, revolutionizing the world. As a mathematician, he invented integral calculus. He made a quantum impact on theoretical astronomy, defining the laws of motion and universal gravitation.

He found science a hodgepodge of isolated facts and laws, capable of describing some phenomena, but predicting only a few. He left science with a unified system of laws that can be applied to an enormous range of physical phenomena, and that could be used to make exact predictions. His lifelong pursuit to do so is the cornerstone of what we do for our clients and their financial needs.


During the most challenging time in America’s early history while under the rule of England, we fought to become our own nation, indivisible. Delaware was formed as the first state of the union of the United States of America. At Newton One, we pride ourselves on being a leader at the forefront of our industry for the benefit of our clients as well as in our community.

The Competitive Advantage

Newton One, LLC is a Member of the M Financial Group, one of the nation’s premier insurance & financial services design and distribution companies, serving ultra-affluent individuals and Fortune 1000 companies through a network of 140 independent firms.

M Financial Group was founded on the principle that “off-the-shelf” products often do not meet the needs of ultra-affluent and corporate clients. Since 1978, M Financial has worked closely with the nation’s most prestigious insurance carriers to develop innovative products with unique features and flexible options that complement the needs and objectives exclusively for Member Firm clients.

  • Independence
  • Expertise
  • Advocacy
  • Representation
  • Diversification
  • Continuity
  • Exclusivity

Change is constant. We help clients and their team of advisors plan for generations of wealth. As a result, it is critical that the planners remain part of the plan which evolves over time. Newton One, LLC has a formal succession and continuity plan in place to span generations to come.