Newton One is committed to helping global clients who face unique and complex challenges as they build and maintain their wealth across multiple borders. We provide the services, advice and placement of a diverse platform of insurance products to meet the complex needs of high net worth global clients.

When dealing with High Net Worth International Clients the industry is less standardized than it is for High Net Worth US citizens. Each insurance carrier has their own criteria regarding when they are willing to offer coverage for a High Net Worth International Clients. In these situations, we have found that US insurance companies are preferred as they provide; better financial stability, an increased number of insurance companies, a significantly more diverse portfolio of products and more competition for the client’s business.

Due to this preference our process for High Net Worth International Clients is to initially review the client’s situation with US insurance companies that we have wholesale pricing with in order to obtain the best possible pricing. We then perform a national search with other US insurance companies, as well as explore Bermuda insurance companies and international insurance companies that have been established specifically for this type of clientele.

This process requires international expertise, access to U.S. and international carrier products, as well as ongoing resources for support and coordination to meet the current and future cross-border needs of High Net Worth International Clients.

Global clients often have unique challenges that arise from cross-border issues or country of residence restrictions including:

  • Forced Heirship Laws
  • Sovereign Risk
  • Global Family Inheritance
  • Multinational Tax Liabilities
  • Ownership of Cross-Border Businesses
  • Corporate Benefits for Cross-Border Employees
  • Limited Access to Insurance Capacity and Product