Whether you have made your wealth as an executive or entrepreneurs, through a public company to private equity we understand the trials and tribulations you have gone through and the level of service that you require and deserve.

Our Private Client services are catered to these high net worth individuals and families. The level of wealth that these clients have obtained brings issues that require a different level of; knowledge, expertise, guidance and service. We believe that clients make sound decisions when properly informed. Therefore, we provide client advocacy, transparency, and disclosure to help clients make decisions.
Our decades of experience and wisdom allow us to account for unforeseen economic, political and financial forces to assure maximum preservation of capital. Life insurance can be used to create wealth and to preserve capital, it can provide the confidence in future wealth to allow flexibility in current planning.

Some Private Clients want to live life to the maximum with the comfort of knowing that the wealth they have spent will be replaced and continue for the next generation. Some want to preserve their wealth and create a legacy that will last for generations. Others want to maximize the contributions to the Arts and Philanthropic endeavors. Regardless of the objective we will collaborate with the your; accounting, legal, investment and trust advisors to ensure that the insurance portion of your planning is fully vetted and works in conjunction with your overall planning.

Estate Planning is an ongoing process not a onetime event. We continue to provide a high level of service on an ongoing basis. We have a team available to answer any questions along the way. We provide an annual written report to you and your advisors while also monitoring the performance and making recommendations that continue to enhance the performance of your insurance portfolio.

Some of our Private Client services include:

  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Wealth Replacement
  • Wealth Preservation